cPanel Lesson Series - How to Use The JetBackup Feature in Your cPanel to Create an Entire Backup of Website Including the Databases

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What is this JetBackup service in our cPanel and why we need it for our websites?

JetBackup is the leading provider of data backup and migration software for both cPanel and WHM Webhosting control panels.

History of JetBackup

JetBackupManager was developed by JetServer LTD and used exclusively by their web hosting clients. This gave their clients the "self-service" backup and restore functionality they needed.

After success within their own hosting company and growing demand among other hosting providers, JetBackupManager is released to the public as a retail product.

JetServer LTD & Control Panel Solutions, Inc. form a strategic partnership and new business called JetApps. Soon after the core product is renamed to JetBackup.

Over the last 2 years, the JetBackup license count has grown more than 2000%! It is currently the fastest-growing backup software in the cPanel industry.

Values of JetBackup Team

The JetApps executive team is comprised of hosting veterans who have all been in the web hosting industry for 20+ years.

JetBackup understands the complexities of running a web hosting company along with the software that is needed to give your clients the best possible experience.

Product stability is JetBackup main focus at JetApps. JetBackup has rigorous quality assurance testing guidelines in place to make sure your experience with our software is as smooth as possible.

JetBackup takes the security of our software along with our client’s data very seriously. Third-party vendor security audits are running before any major version release by Rack911 who is a leader in software security audits.

JetBackup understands issues can arise at any time day or night. That is why JetBackup provides 24/7/365 support to be able to address any concerns you may have.

All JetBackup support technicians are cPanel certified to give you the highest level of support possible.

Giving their clients a high-quality product at a low price is important to them. When adding new features to the software JetBackup is always looking for ways to give hosting providers additional revenue streams from their clients.

The future is bright at JetApps. They have quite a few new features they will be integrating into JetBackup software this coming year. Continuous product improvement and listening to the client’s feature requests is a big part of their success at JetApps.

How to use JetBackup in your cPanel to backup your entire Website?

Now you all you need to know about the JetBackup service and let's start doing backup of your entire website.

Step 01: Log in to your cPanel (Use the link)

Login window of cPanel

Login screen of the Webhosting control panel

Dashboard of cPanel

Main Dashboard of cPanel Webhosting control panel

Step 02: Now find the “Full Account Backups” module under the “JETBACKUP” section and click on it.

JetBackup section of cPanel dashboard

JetBackup options in cPanel web hosting control panel

Available backup list section of JetBackup dashboard

Available backups options in JetBackup control panel

Step 03: Now find the incremental backup of your whole website and click on the relevant “GENERATE DOWNLOAD” button.

Generate download button of JetBackup dashboard

Generate download options in the JetBackup control panel

Step 04: Now after understanding the special note click on the “Add to Download Queue” button.

JetBackup backup add to download queue option

JetBackup backup generation option

Then you must wait until JetBackup prepares your website's full backup for download. This can take a while according to your website files and database capacity.

"Special note: During this backup creation process you can go back and forward in your cPanel system function and it doesn’t affect the backup generation process. You can even close the web browser window and come back again."

JetBackup backup generation process

Backup generation process of JetBackup dashboard

Step 05: If everything goes successfully you can find a “DOWNLOAD” button which relevant to selected backup record likes show below screenshot.

Generated backup download option in the JetBackup Dashboard

JetBackup generated backup download option

Now you can click on this download options link to download a backup of your entire website and site databases into your local PC location for safekeeping.

The downloading process of the backup file generated by the JetBackup

Downloading process of JetBackup backup files

"Special note: According to the international standard of backup procedures, please try to store your backup files in a separate location from your PC and home or office location. you can always use a cloud storage location or an external hard drive for this purpose."


When it comes to taking backups of your website JetBackup service in your cPanel gives all the features you need to safely backup and restore your website contents and its databases.

Webhosting service providers can even set up this JetBackup system to schedule this process according to needs automatically make your backup times to time.

“Finally, please remember to Logout from your cPanel using the command in the right upper corner.”

Please do not hesitate to take a moment to leave your valuable comment and suggestions.

Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read this article.

Warmly. K. Dinesh Kumara Founder, Director, and CEO KDKTEC and PC World Online Magazine.

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cPanel Lesson Series - How to Use The JetBackup Feature in Your cPanel to Create an Entire Backup of Website Including the Databases

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