cPanel Lesson Series - How do I Add A Record to a Subdomain Using My cPanel?

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Hi, everyone, today I’m going to show you a method that I have learned from my own. I face this problem when trying to integrate one of my subdomains with the reseller domain registration system at the ResellerClub.

The Problem I Had

When I had created a reseller domain registration account at the ResellerClub domain registration system, they have instructed me to point one of my primary or sub-domain to the white-labeled domain registration reseller store that assigned to my account. Then I had created a sub-domain ( inside my main reseller Webhosting account using its cPanel control panel.

Then I have to use the function called “DNS Zone Editor” inside the cPanel to point that specific subdomain to the Webhosting server name servers provided by the ResellerClub domain reselling system using the A Record resource locator configurations in my cPanel.

Note: When you have done this kind of domain configuration, it will not be work as soon as you save your settings in your cPanel. It will take nearly 48 hours to properly propagate your domain configuration. So please wait and give some time to properly activate these settings on the whole internet.

The Solution I Found.

Okay, now let see how I did this. The following screenshot contained the Instructions provided by the ResellerClub domain registration system for my subdomain DNS configurations. ResellerClub fully branded URL configuration

So to accomplished these instructions, I have completed the following commands in my cPanel. 1. Login to my reseller Webhosting accounts cPanel using my credentials; cPanel login screenshot Image Caption: cPanel login screenshot

2. Then I have to enter my security code for the 2-factor authentication like below. I use “WinAuth” to generate my security code as below;

“WinAuth” 2 factor authenticator security code generator

Entering security code:

cPanel and WHM 2FA Screen

3. Then I go to the domain section of my cPanel and click on “Zone Editor” as below;

DNS Zone Editor Function in cPanel

4. Then you can see my primary domain and its DNS zone settings as below;

Screenshot of cPanel DNS Zone Editor for Primary Domain

In this windows you should click on the “Manage” command that belongs to your primary domain like below; 5. Now you will go to the following windows which will provide all the DNS zone configuration options for your selected primary domain, like below;

Screenshot of cPanel DNS Zone Editor for Subdomains

6. Now, if you have several subdomains in your DNS zone editor, just use the filter by name search box to find the sub-domain that you want to configure. In this case, I have searched for my sub-domain See the below screenshot;

Screenshot of cPanel DNS Zone Editor Subdomain search

7. Now what you want to do is click on the Edit command that belongs to that specific sub-domain Then you will go to the window like below and from that window, you can enter your DNS A Records IP address and then click on “Save Record” to save your configuration.

Screenshot of cPanel DNS Zone Editor Subdomain A Record Configuration


I hope you learn something new from this article and yes, we can use subdomains in our Webhosting accounts to host external websites by changing their name servers using the A Record configuration in the cPanel DNS Zone Editor options. As I mentioned above this will take some time to properly propagate. So you must wait at least 48 hours to have your result.

Finally, please remember to Logout from your cPanel using the command in the right upper corner.

Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read this article. Please do not hesitate to take a moment to leave your comment and suggestions.

Warmly. K. Dinesh Kumara Founder, Director, and CEO KDKTEC and PC World Online Magazine

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cPanel Lesson Series - How do I Add A Record to a Subdomain Using My cPanel?

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