A case study on Adobe that create, deliver, and manage digital experiences over global cloud

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About the company:

Adobe is an American multinational company founded on Dec 1982.It is a mainly a manufacturing industry and partner professional services.

It is spread with multiple locations around the world. Generating a revenue of $7.30 billion annually and employees more than 20000 people.

It always wanted its customers by engaging with the content created through the Adobe Creative Cloud and integrated with data analytics that provides content, audience, and campaign management.

After partnering with Microsoft, they deployed the Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365, and this helps them a 360-degree customer. Its integrated tools are used to create, deliver, and manage digital experiences in the cloud platform.


In March 2017, Adobe start its joint solutions with Microsoft. From Adobe itself they got the Experience Cloud that consists of Marketing Cloud, Advertising Cloud and Analytics Cloud on the Azure platform.

This helped them to operate Microsoft Power BI dashboards in Analytics Cloud. The main products are used by them are Microsoft AZURE, Dynamics 365 for customer service and generating sales and power Business Intelligence.


This helped them to focus on the various new ways that helped their customers. Now they can easily ingest data, clean it, store it at scale and access it globally in real time. The best use of Azure is that from now onwards they can rely on their own core competencies and it was not ne

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