Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars you will Love

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What kind of cars do we need to buy these days? That’s a question car buyers need to be thinking.

Now with the never ending rise of oil prices because of problems in the middle east, it’s better to buy cars that are fuel efficient rather than those cars with good looks but consumes fuel as if it’s like drinking water or soft drinks. Better yet, a car that is fuel efficient and has good looks.

The question is what are the most fuel efficient cars nowadays. Let’s get a look at the Top 5 Fuel Efficient cars of 2013.

5.) Chevrolet Volt

Fuel Consumption: 95mpg City/93mpg Highway Starting Price: $39,145

The Volt is one of the EV cars by Chevrolet. “Electric when you want it, Gas when you need it” is Chevrolet’s slogan for this car. Stored electricity is used to initially propel the car and has a gas-powered range extender that activates when the battery is depleted.

Can you imagine going to the gas station once a month? Well with Volt it’s not just a fantasy.

4.) Nissan Leaf

Fuel Consumption: 106mpg City/92mpg Highway Starting Price: $35,200

Another electric car from Nissan. “100% electric, Zero gas, Zero tailpipe.” With the Leaf’s improved energy consumption to 29KWh/100 miles, you could go the extra miles with this EV car. Looking at the performance, driving the Leaf can be really amazing. The car handles pretty well given how tall and heavy it is.

3.) Ford Focus BEV

Fuel Consumption: 110mpg City/99mpg Highway Starting Price: $39,200

The Ford Focus BEV is exclusively powered by a lithium-ion battery. Ford is marketing this car with its liquid cooling technology which regulates the temperature of the 23KWh lithium-ion battery. If you’re searching for an EV with a bit more room this car is ideal.

2.) Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Fuel Consumption: 126mpg City/99mpg Highway Starting Price: $29,125

Using Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle (MiEV) technology, this EV car optimizes on all aspects of electric motivation. This car is also environmentally friendly, it doesn’t produce emissions, has no tailpipe, and makes no sound.

This i-MiEV can be charged in three ways: A standard 120V household outlet that can take at least 22 hours, an optional 240V home charger trims that to 7 hours, ans a CHAdeMO level three system found in some public charging stations will at least give you 80% of the battery in 30 minutes but the CHAdeMO is optional.

1.) Honda Fit EV

Fuel Consumption: 132mpg City/105mpg Highway Starting Price: 3 year/$389 lease in Oregon and California only

Using Honda’s Earth Dream technology. Fit EV generates the highest mpg equivalent on the streets today. 100% electric and not a drop of gas.

With its powerful 92KWh electric motor and a multi-link rear suspension, this car is fun to drive with. Recharge takes at least three hours from a low-charge indicator illumination point with the use of 240-volt circuit.

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