cPanel Lesson Series - All Reasons and Solutions for Automatically Email Account Suspension

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Did Your Email Account Has Been Automatically Suspended? Here is the Way to Fix It.

Do you know that sometimes your shared Webhosting servers automatically suspend your email account without your knowledge?

Notification of email Undeliverable

Email undeliverable notification in your Outlook email client software

At the time you try to send an email you will notice that your email server is rejecting your request for email outgoing.

Until then you didn't know that your email sending and receiving features have been automatically blocked by the Webhosting service providers.

This is a security persuasion, and it can not be avoided by most email service providers.

Sometimes email service providers send us an email notice about this email account suspension and we do not receive it if we use the same email account for the email notification configuration on that same Webhosting or email service providers.

So if you use a normal free email account like Gmail for this purpose you can receive these email account suspension notifications and act fast to reactivate your suspended email account by contacting your service provider's help and support assistant services.

So now let see why this happens and how to resolve this issue when it happened to you.

Why my email account automatically suspended?

The services will be suspended if either:

1. Email sending limits are hit

2. Sent emails are marked as spam in the email filters

Email sending limits are hit

Regarding the limits, take a note of the limits below and make sure to keep your sending within them.

These limits can be changed from time to time according to your chosen Webhosting provider or email service provider.

Common email service limits:

1. You can send up to 100 email messages per hour using Webmail.

2. 19 emails per minute using PHP.

3. 9 emails/minute using SMTP.

4. There is also a daily limit of 10000 emails applied to PHP and SMTP sending collectively.

If you did not send that many emails yourself, I suggest you run a malware scan on all computers that have access to your emails.

Especially if you are using 3rd part email programs like Outlook/Thunderbird etc.

Another thing that you should take a look at is contact forms on any of your websites.

Unprotected contact forms are also one of the most common reasons why your email service might get disabled.

There's a good article about how to protect your contact forms from such abuse, have a look here:

Article about how to protect your contact

And to avoid spam blocking, I'd recommend testing your emails through tools like and optimizing them accordingly to improve their reputation overall.

How to resolve this automatic email account suspension issue?

So, as I mentioned above, there is only one way to resolve this problem. Act fast to reactivate your suspended email account by contacting your service provider's help and support assistant services.

Most Webhosting and email service providers provide support hotlines and online chatting features 24X7X365 and you must contact them and send your request to unlock your email services.

That's all for today and hope to see you in my next article.

Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read my article.

Please do not forget to submit your valuable comment or feedback on this article.

Thank you and be safe at these difficult times with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Warmly, K. Dinesh Kumara Founder, Director, and CEO KDKTEC and PC World Online Magazine.

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