Forum Rules

Each user registered in is obliged to read these rules and apply them within the forum. Failure to apply these rules may result in the definitive expulsion of the user, and not having knowledge of these rules does not exempt any user from compliance.

Below, we have listed the basic rules by which we are governed and by which we guarantee the coexistence in the forum. Although we have written these rules as clearly as possible, it is necessary to remember that common sense is undoubtedly the best solution when participating in the forum. Messages that violate these rules will be immediately deleted and, depending on the severity and repetition of such messages, measures will be taken against the user who issues them.

These rules may be extended but will not be modified.

  1. Each member of must maintain a respectful language with each of the members of the forum, and in no way is allowed to use offensive or violent language against another member of the forum. Opinions may be expressed, debated, and points of view expressed without insulting or attacking others.
  2. No member of the forum is allowed to make calls to encourage violence, either verbally or physically, nor is it allowed to display badges, flags or similar items that can be interpreted as calls to violence.
  3. No member of the forum may engage in personal discussions with another member, and in the event that this occurs, they must clarify their differences in private, respecting the space of others.
  4. No forum member is authorized to disclose or share private information of another member, this includes personal data, emails, external ip's, etc. "Unless previously authorized by the owner of the data".
  5. The repetitive use of messages to promote products or services is not allowed; This forum is a space to promote knowledge and opinion, not an advertising agency.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to use to promote any kind of illegal activity; this includes the sale of piracy, drug use, etc....
  7. It is strictly forbidden to use this forum to send racist messages to other members, as well as to use obscene language or any other expression to disqualify people, groups or institutions that make life in this forum.
  8. Each member is limited to comment only on the general topics of the forum. If any user wishes to make suggestions for new topics, he/she may do so through the contact form or in the suggestions forum.
  9. Any complaint, criticism or dissatisfaction about the operation should be directed to the suggestions forum, or to the administrator.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to make allusion to third parties, if so, the user must reveal his identity.
  11. The forum moderator is the only person authorized to intervene in conflicts that may arise between forum users. So, as a last resort you can send an email to (Email) to deal with these matters.
  12. If any user who lives in does not agree 100% with these rules, he/she has the right to unsubscribe from the forum.
  13. If you have posted a message in any category of the forum, do not repeat it in a different category, as it will be deleted. If due to an error, your message is posted twice, do not worry, a moderator will remove it shortly.
  14. No forum user is allowed to modify or manipulate other users' posts, so no user is allowed to access private accounts, to use other people's e-mails or to impersonate someone else.
  15. Each member of is solely responsible for any damages that may cause their comments or opinions, so you must face the consequences.
  16. is fully authorized to take disciplinary action against anyone who violates these rules. These measures can range from a momentary suspension to a definitive expulsion, depending on the seriousness of the case.
  17. does not guarantee complete privacy and security in the use of the forum by third parties, since our system is not exempt from indiscriminate abuse by hackers to affect our system. Therefore, we are not responsible in the event that any third party may alter, delete, modify or intercept any message or communication that users disseminate or publish in the forums by any influence of hackers.
  18. Writing in capital letters may be interpreted as an attempt to shout or frustration, if that is not your intention we suggest you avoid writing in capital letters.
  19. Any user who disrupts the proper functioning of the forum through repeated complaints, criticism, or blatant abuse of contempt towards the moderators and / or the administration of the forum will be banned from the forum irremediably.
  20. The establishment and change in the rules of the forum does not imply retroactivity in them. So if in the past any user was banned, sanctioned or expelled, the sanction will remain in force.

You should know that the present and/or future rule changes are not retroactive.

These rules may be extended by the moderators at any time, but never modified.