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Twitter Announces New Version of TweetDeck Which Will Soon Become a Twitter Blue Exclusive. RSS

Oh wow, what a surprise The new version of TweetDeck, an application that allows users to keep tabs on several accounts, has begun to be distributed by Twitter. The business has taken this action in response to the recent problems TweetDeck has been having. For approximately two years, TweetDeck's new edition has been in preview. The new version will soon be included in the Twitter Blue subscription, adding to Twitterati's suffering. Why does this story matter? Users of Twitter have been suffering the past few days. Last week, the business changed the restrictions on viewing tweets. The rate limitations were frequently blamed for TweetDeck's problems. The app is a crucial tool for Twitter power users and professionals who use it to promote their job, establish their brands, and report. That's why Twitter reacted right away. A new version of TweetDeck has been released, as noted by Twitter, and it features several small upgrades to the TweetDeck Preview that was first released in July 2021. The updated components include:

A new twitter composer that incorporates all tweet features, such as GIFs, polls, and more, all in schedule able tweets

Enhancements to the advanced search filters

selecting the "Top Tweets" or "Latest Tweets" sort options for your TweetDeck columns

Video docking allows you to watch videos while engaging in other funk activities. Even though it has been released, the "new" Tweetdeck still refers to itself as the "Tweetdeck Preview" when a user is using the program, and users must still choose to use it from the menu on the original Tweetdeck UI. But for users who rely on Tweetdeck's list aggregation features, upgrading to the new UI does certainly bring back some of its fundamental features. Twitter asserts that the procedure should be simple and guarantees that any saved searches, lists, and columns will automatically transfer. Twitter states that Teams functionality is not yet accessible, even though the latest preview build should now enable Twitter Spaces, polls, and other elements that were previously lacking. Although Twitter hasn't formally stated that the old version of Tweetdeck is being retired, an employee of Twitter did mention it in a thread about the problems. Twitter assures a straightforward transition to new TweetDeck The new TweetDeck may be accessed by choosing 'Try the new TweetDeck' at, claims Twitter's support account. The changeover, according to the firm, will be simple because saved searches, lists, and columns will be carried over to the new version. Additionally supported in the upgraded version are composer, spaces, video docking, and other features. Teams' functionality is not yet accessible, though. New TweetDeck will become a premium feature after 30 days Soon, TweetDeck will no longer be a free service. The feature will only be available to those with a Twitter Blue membership. To access the upgraded version, the business stated that customers must be validated in 30 days. Users are wary of the new TweetDeck Users of TweetDeck will all be switched over to the new version. However, users are leery about the upgraded version. For instance, it does not allow for the simultaneous monitoring of many accounts. According to a Twitter staffer, the feature is being developed. Are users' content that the new TweetDeck is a paid feature even though it is better? Soon, we'll learn more. Although upgrading to the most recent version of Tweetdeck should fix the problem, many legacy users might still lose access to the advanced functionality soon. Twitter Support states that the function will soon be restricted to Twitter Blue subscribers, adding that "in 30 days, users must be Verified to access Tweetdeck." Uncertainty exists around whether that modification will be made available to all users in early August or whether everyone will first receive a free 30-day trial of the new Tweetdeck. However, a few additional traits have also been eliminated. The newest version does not include TweetDeck Teams. While other, modest functional modifications have made it a little bit trickier to operate, it might have an impact on some corporate customers.

Nevertheless, a lot of people have been suggesting that Twitter enhance TweetDeck for a while. It is a reaction to the several accessible third-party tweet management tools. Greater analytical insights are provided by several of them than by Twitter itself.

Twitter would become much more valuable if it could integrate more of these capabilities into its native app. And now since you'll have to pay for it, it's a crucial issue for the app's next development stage.

In 30 days, TweetDeck will only be available on Twitter Blue. So, to proceed, you must pay. Twitter has released TweetDeck 2.0, but access to it costs money. Diego Thomazini/Stock photo ADVANCED: JULY 3, 2023 7:27 PM EST BY RAHUL SRINIVAS Today's turmoil surrounding TweetDeck was largely due to customers waking up to an entirely useless online interface. Nobody knew what was going on, but rumour's that the recent rate limits Twitter imposed on users were the root of the issues swiftly spread. That actually came to pass, sort of. Ben, a Twitter employee, explained the situation in a series of tweets: vintage TweetDeck was unavailable because Twitter had removed the legacy APIs it used. Why? The rate limits were put in place to lessen data scraping.

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Twitter Announces New Version of TweetDeck Which Will Soon Become a Twitter Blue Exclusive. RSS