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Web Hosting For Photographers: How You Can Choose the Right Web Hosting Service For Your Photography Website RSS
0 Nowadays, it has become increasingly difficult to choose right thing that best suits your business needs. The problem is not that we have limited options; it is the abundance of available options that influences decision-making. Choosing the right webhosting services is also no exception to this fact, especially when you are not aware of requirements of your website and the webhosting industry.

Choosing the right webhosting service for a photography site is crucial; you need a fast and reliable hosting service that can properly handle your videos and images, and more importantly, it also impacts how you showcase your data online.

6 Types of Webhosting Services That You Must Know

How do you choose the right web hosting service that best meets your needs? How do you find the most suitable one if you have plenty of options available? Don’t worry; we understand your worries, which is why I wrote this article. It is a complete guide that enables you to choose the right webhosting service for your photography website. In this article, I will compare some of the best webhosting services available in 2023, and what you need to look for when choosing the webhosting service for your website.

So! Let’s Begin

What is a Webhosting Service And Why Do You Need It?

Web hosting platforms provide space to websites and make them accessible to everyone on the internet. It stores data files and provides many resources and tools, such as backup security, email accounts, databases, and many other things.

If you are a photographer, then you need a webhosting service with the following features:

  • Support your preferred CMS platform, such as WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix.

  • Supports the CMS system of your website, such as Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress.

  • Provide you with enough bandwidth and storage to easily load your videos and images online.

  • Offers better uptime and loading speed for your website.

  • Provide security for your website and keep malware and hackers away.

  • Provide customer services along with technical support.

How Can You Choose the Right Webhosting Service For Your Website?

It involves many things, but here are some important factor that you must look for when choosing the right web hosting service.

1. Features: Check What Features You Need.

There are plenty of webhosting service providers; all of them offer different tools and features for web development and web management. However, some important features that you must look for are here:

  • Simple installation

  • Free domain name

  • Support E-commerce

  • A good gallery of plugins

  • Restores and backup options

  • Free domain and host name

  • Reliable SSL certificate

  • Adequate Cloud Space for storage

2. Performance: Don’t Compromise On It

It is another important factor to consider when you are looking for the right web hosting service for your photography website. It affects two things: reliability and loading time. Unreliable or slow websites frustrate their visitors and make them uncomfortable.

Consequently, they leave your website without further spending time on it. It also cuts into your SEO ranking and visibility. Here are some performance indicators that you must check before choosing web hosting services for your website:

  • Speed is the time that your website takes to load on different locations and devices. It’s another crucial factor to check whether webhosting services are reliable. There are tools like GTmetric and Google PageSpeed that offer to test a webpage/website speed.

  • Uptime is the percentage of time in which your website remains accessible and online for your audience. You can use Pingdom and UptimeRobot to check your webpage's uptime.

  • Server location: it is the physical location of the webhosting service provider; a closer location to your target audience means less time to load.

  • Scalability: the ability of the webhosting service provider to manage growth and handle sudden spikes in traffic of your website.

3. Pricing: Don’t Go for a Cheaper Webhosting Service Without Exploring Its Features

The prices of webhosting services vary according to their performance, features, speed, and some other factors. Infect, you get what you pay for.

So, don’t choose a cheaper webhosting service without checking its features.

However, beware of pricing tricks that web hosts Play, such as:

  • Low Initial rates: many webhosting service providers offer low rates for the first few months of subscription, and then they increase prices without informing you and insist on making you pay more. So, check the policies before signing up.

  • Hidden fees: hidden fees are another luring trick that many web hosts use in the webhosting industry. Some providers charge extra money for an SSL certificate, cancellation, domain registration, and backup. So, carefully read the contract or agreement before going for a certain webhosting service.

  • Upsells are the least known trick in the webhosting industry. Web hosts try to sell you many other services or features that you do not need. For instance, they can sell you SEO tools and some security packages that you can get for free elsewhere. Beware! Don’t fall into this trap.

4. Customer Support: Opt for the Best Customer Care

Lastly, customer care is another important factor when choosing the right webhosting services for your business. In fact, web owners regularly face problems, and they are always in need of customer support. So, choose a webhosting service that provides the best customer support or at least offers these things:

  • 24/7 support via email, phone, or chat via phone, chat, or email

  • Expert and friendly Staff who answer your questions

  • Helpful resources like FAQs, blogs, guides, tutorials, forums, etc.

Web Hosting For Photographers: How You Can Choose the Right Web Hosting Service For Your Photography Website RSS